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2020 Calendar

Why a calendar about Trees?

Over my 35 years as a professional photographer I have seen a few books about trees, but never a calendar dedicated to this wonderful woody perennial plant. No doubt it has been done, but never has it been in my eye line.

Even if it has, it's time for another one and one that hopefully inspires people to look and appreciate the beauty that trees possess. We protect them, we gaze at them and we marvel at their design and colour. They shade us, they feed us and they house us in some cases.

Over the years as I have travelled around the globe I have always been drawn to trees and their different species. The woodlands of the UK and the redwoods in the US are just breathtaking, as are the magnificent snow gum forests that abound the High Country near where I live. The richness and diversity of trees is just astounding.

I hope you enjoy for the time being, this new idea that I have journeyed upon.


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The calendar measures 490mm x 340mm spiral bound at the top with large black & white images. This year the calendar has been printed on a textured off white stock producing a slightly different warmer look from past years.

This years' calendar costs $29.50 with free postage.

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