Richard White lives in the North East Victorian town of Mansfield. He has been involved in photography for over 30 years. What began as a hobby has turned into a lifelong passion. Basically a self taught photographer, although in the early years, Richard attended many workshops to better his craft. His work has been influenced by some of the giants of photography, but mainly Ansel Adams, Morley Baer, Brett Weston, Bill Brandt, Arnold Newman and others. Not only their photography, but their philosophy and approach to life.

He writes regular articles for a national photography magazine, Better Photography and occasionally for other international magazines. As a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography he served as a Victorian State Division councillor and as President of that division for over 8 years.

His work has won more than 40 silver awards and a gold award at the Victorian and Australian AIPP National Photography Awards.

Richard has exhibited locally and Statewide for several years and is known for his high quality photographs.

Each year he offers a large format Black and White calendar on the High Country, produces a range of black & white postcards and has also worked on major documentary projects for television.

A Personal Statement on Photography

by Richard White

“Unfortunately photography has become too common. Is photography still an art form? For many it is difficult to take it seriously and to even consider that it could be used for artistic expression. It is the viewer who must make this decision. Do they see what the photographer is trying to convey through their images?”

“I have been asked why do I photograph? Well basically I am compelled to. It’s as simple as that. I am always looking for the beauty in front of me. Trying to make images from my heart with technical information from my head. Trying to make a visual communication. Hopefully it will give others an appreciation of what is there and with luck it will elicit an emotional response from the viewer”.



Images of the High Country,
Mingo's Gallery, Mansfield, Victoria
E D O Environment Exhibition,
1992 (Group Exhibit)
Gallery 101 Collins St., Melbourne
E D O Environment Exhibition,
1993 (Group Exhibit)
Bond Gallery, Melbourne
Colour in the High Country,
Courier Gallery, Mansfield, Victoria
High Country Images,
1994 (Group Exhibit)
Easter Art Show, Mansfield, Victoria
Felix Australia, Victorian Images
1997 (Group Exhibit)
She's Arty Gallery, Benalla , Victoria
The Parks Exhibition,
Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria
Been There, Wish You Were Here,
Yering Station Gallery, Victoria
The Parks Exhibition,
Hamilton Art Gallery, Victoria
A Sense of Place,
2000 (Group Exhibit)
Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria
The Parks Exhibition,
Horsham Art Gallery, Victoria
The Parks Exhibition,
Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria
Images of the High Country,
La Trobe University, Mt Buller
Images of the High Country,
Mt Buller Chalet
Light in the High Country,
Yering Station Gallery
Light in the High Country,
Redgum Gallery
Places I’ve Been,
Muse Gallery, Milawa
An Indian Odyssey,
Arts Walk, Mansfield
Places I’ve Been,
Wilderness Gallery, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Australia’s Large Format Masters,
Meyer Gallery, Sydney
The High Country,
Melbourne Camera Club Gallery
The High Country, Ballarat Foto Biennale,
Boah Gallery, Ballarat
The High Country,
December 2015
St Francis Gallery, Melbourne

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