AIPP Accredited

The Grampians National Park

Date: Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2019

2019 will see us return to the Grampians National Park for this 4 day workshop. The location offers great diversity of subject that is rewarding as well as challenging.

Always a goal of the workshop is to find suitable content that will reward you with expressive photographs. The ever changing light, the awareness of subject matter and learning how light shapes and moulds the landscape are just a few of the things covered. We will also talk about the aesthetics of photography and some of the vital elements that go into making images that combine both the heart and the head when making a picture.

Participants are encouraged to bring along their favourite or important photographs for discussion and critique. The aim here is to help set higher standards for imagery. Richard will also show his finely crafted prints with explanation of how he achieved his final result.

The workshop begins Friday evening and concludes the following Monday around noon.

The workshop is open to 4 participants only.

Workshop Fee (includes accomodation and transport during the workshop): $1450

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