AIPP Accredited

Shetland Islands

Scotland Discovery Tour

Date: October 2019

“For some time I have had a fascination with the outer islands off the Scottish coast. For ages I wanted to visit the Outer Hebrides which I did and included it as part of a workshop I did a few years ago. The Shetland Islands is next on the list so that is my plan”.

So with that comment setting the scene that we want to propose a new concept for any workshop program.

We are proposing a discovery trip to the Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland. This remote and somewhat barren land has the potential to deliver many a fascinating image.

We call it a discovery workshop because the itinerary will unfold as we explore new photographic possibilities and locations. Here is an opportunity for a very small group of people to traverse the mainland of the Shetlands to see what can be discovered. You will travel with Richard to seek out and find unique landscape images that will be worthy of a photograph. As we drive around searching for the right light, the best spots and all things photographic, we will chance on the joys of discovery.

Car or van hire and accommodation for this six day adventure will be organised.

This undoubtedly is an unusual idea for a workshop, but one that offers insightful learning when we find the right location.

Call or email Richard with any questions or to register your interest.

Four participants only for 6 days of wall to wall photography.

Workshop fee: Normally the fee for a fully organized and scouted workshop in this part of the world would be well over $2500, however because of the uniqueness of this idea we are offering a fee in the vicinity of $850 - $900 per person plus transport and accommodation which will be organised.

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